WTS: Modded Hrap1 $170

feedback thread:
sanwa jlf, sanwa obsf 30 and obsf 24



**Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor (for sanwa JLF) - $4
**bought this for my HRAP1 when i couldnt get used to the square gate. switched it back. not using this.

Hello, Erik. You may not know me, but I am a collector of fine art, and so I simply MUST have your penguin. PM sent.

ah, im sorry. i already sold it to the Getty Museum in for 5 million dollars.

Penquin is top tier.

lol. that penguin is awesome,

:rofl: i was almost gonna pm you bout that penguin, serious.

So you’re selling a gutted ipod, and an old linkin park CD? What makes you think anyone would buy this? I mean the penguin is tight, but…

because you never know what some people might be interested or what some people might be looking for.

I really would PM about the penguin, I have a shit load of Penguin stuff, they are awesome. :l

what do you mean there is nothing in the ipod? where did the hard drive, LCD screen, etc, go?

A gutted Ipod case for 20 dollars? Uhhhh.

haha i dont see what the big deal is. if you dont want it then dont buy it.

anyway, prices dropped on everything. added octagon gate for sanwa JLF

bump, added hrap1.

which hrap 1 ?

im guessing its the hrap1b, since it doesnt have the mirror finish.

bump added pics on hrap

I’m interested in the hrap1 if you can hold it for a few days.

Also, if you could check pricing of shipping for me that’d be swell. :slight_smile:

for sure.
hrap on hold.

As rare as the HRAP1s are, I can’t believe you’re selling that stick lol, I used to have 2 HRAP1s and now I’m kicking myself for getting rid of 1.

haha i have a hrap2 still. hopefully i can get a vsgh or something else though.