WTS: Modded Hrap4 & Misc


Hi all

Looking to sell a ps4 hrap4 with seimatsu buttons and lever. Picked it up about a week ago, but not really feeling the move back to stick. Looking for $150 shipped.

Also have a few other smaller things:
Crown CWL-307FJ joystick. Looking for 27$ shipped. Already wired it with converter cable.

Madcatz pro ps4 pad. Has started to short out so left sometimes doesn’t register. Would need to be a pet project to get fixed. Looking for $17 shipped.

Copy of BBCP and BBCSE. Japanese versions. Both for 22$ shipped.

Feel free to message me any offers, or any questions.


What type of Seimitsu joystick & bottons are in the Hori RAP4? Also do you still have the box?


Seimitsu LS-62-01 Joystick, Seimitsu PS-14-K Pushbuttons. Still have the box.


Thanks for the quick reply @ribu , sorry but this isn’t really what I’m looking for, gonna pass. GLWS tho.

Free bump!


Price dropping Hrap to $150 shipped.


The horizon still 150