WTS modded MadCatz TE Round 2

i am trying to sell a second stick. it is a modded madcatz te round 2 for the PS3. it has custom art, the character MUGEN from the anime Samurai Champloo. it also has a Tek-Innovation full extended plexi-glass top. has 6 green and black sanwa buttons. and a green sanwa ball top. since it is a custom stick, some people might not be a fan, so i am selling it at a low price of $80 and $15 for shipping and handling. in case you dont like the artwork, you can replace it. the money will go towards my EVO 2011 funds. i am located in garden grove, california. if you want to do a pick-up then the shipping n handling fee is waviered.

PS. please email me at joeurgod@yahoo.com if you are having difficulty viewing the pictures. i can send the pics to you from my computer.

is it xbox 360 or PS3? and your pics don’t work btw

sorry. it is for ps3. if you type my email into facebook, you can see my profile and the pics of the arcade stick is in there.

Can you just grab the hyperlink to the image and just post it here…you have like 4 sticks you’re selling on separate threads and we can see none of them…

i am trying to find a way to attach pictures on here haha. this is my first time posting on this thread

hopefully this works.

Pics don’t work

ok, everyone i got the pics on imageshack, hope this helps. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/685/mugen2s.jpg/

Joe, I have a friend that may be interested in picking this up from you. Located out of Los Angeles.

BTW, does the stick come in it’s original packaging?

All right, just spoke with my buddy. He’ll take it off your hands if it’s still for sale. I’ll cover the paypal transaction with you and he’ll pay me back later in the week.

did you email me?

do you still have the original box?

I emailed you my ninja :slight_smile:

How much is it shipped to Brazil?

Yep, I emailed you dear sir.

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