WTS: Modded Paewang Stick/Crown stick and buttons/ Converters


note: I live in the TN/KY area, I’ll change my location later.

Ghetto Paewang Joytron stick : SOLD

JLF /w vermilion ball top and GT-C gate

6 black crown buttons, non screw on type (so the buttons are glued to the case -__-)

2 yenox plugs

RB input doesnt work, but all 6 buttons are wired and work

K-Stick spares:

Crown stick w/ red ball top and hard rubber grommet -$20

8 Blue Crown buttons, screw on type-$12

2 yenox plugs and 2 sanwa plugs-included with buttons

Buffalo Super Famicom USB pad:


Selling the following converters:

total control plus, sega saturn to dreamcast(new in box, box is smashed but i still have it in the play-asia mailing bag if that vouches for anything. -$20

pro dual box, dual ps2 to usb (used) -$12

Original XBOX 360 PCB wired


Shipping within the contiguous United States

note: shipping is not included with prices.


added stuff.


Pics of said ghetto stick? Lol


later tonight


lowered prices.


prices include shipping? interested in the stick


No, but we can discuss that.




i’ll take the buttons. pm me your Paypal info please


I will take the paewong joytron stick. Pm me your PayPal info


Money sent for paewong


Do you still have the Total Control Plus?