WTS - Modded PS2 DMS4Pro +more

Im selling this all together in one bundle

-Custom fat Ps2 with-

*DMS4 Pro mod chip

*chip is running ToxisOS .41

*200GB Maxtor harddrive

*covered with Ryu vinyl sticker (from the SF 15th anniversary, the dark orange where hes charging denjin or somethin)

*lots of games on HDD


*2 PS2 dual analogs

*Sony ps1 controller (the kind people use to make custom sticks) no analogs

*15th Anniv stick, like new with box

*custom SF aniv joystick with new stick (not sure what kind but its happ style bat top and has good feel, could be eurostick) has akuma art under plexie, all buttons are red and black but one is white because it went out and i had to swap it, didnt bother getting another red one, looks good.

*one of those black Pelican(?) brand stick that say TOURNAMENT READY on em. its got new buttons, all black, and the old stick out of my SF ANIV joystick in it. like new condition.


*64 Mb Sony memory card

*8 Mb Sony memory card with all marvel chars, 3s data, alot of data for games that need unlocking.

*ps1 memory card (off brand but works fine)

*Newest gameshark with both discs and usb cable still in box but opened.

some other random stuff for ps2 and shit, nice locking cd case with 2 keys and chrome armor to make it crush proof and all that. usb keyboard for the ps2. shit like that.


i got alot, lots of imports, ill just list the more rare ones or popular ones.
all discs are mint unless stated otherwise.

*Hyper SF2 (J) with orginal case and manuals

*SF3 3s (J) orginal case and manuals (minor scartch but plays fine, its burned onto the hdd so no need to use the disc anyway)

*SF Collection (PS1) both discs and orginal case

*SF Alpha (ps1)

*SVC Chaos (J) orginal case and manuals

*MKT (ps1)

*CvS Pro (ps1) no case

*Capcom Fighting Evo, has a case but its not the orginal, its from gamestop or something.

*tekken 2 and 3 (ps1) no cases, but i have the orginal case inserts and manuals

*Namco x Capcom (J) original case and manuals

*KOF '99 (ps1 no case)


*Vampire - Sarkstalkers Coll. (J) orginal case and manuals

*SF Zero3 (J) (ps1) orginal case and manuals

*VF Evolution case and manuals

*SF EX+ (ps1) case and manuals

*MK Armageddon orginal and Premium editions, both with case and manuals, premium has a big deluxe case with extras and shit

*Megaman X7, X8, X Collection, Anniv Collection, Command mission (all with cases and manuals)

*CVS2 (minor scratchs works fine, already hve both version, us and jap, burnt onto HDD)

*Guilty Gear X and Isuka case and manuals

*MK Mytholgies (ps1) case and manuals

*Resident Evil 4 case and manuals (minor scratches works fine)

*MM X6 ps1


*Bomberman party ed. (PS1) case and manual

*GTA3, VC, SA, LCS, VCS some have scratches all work, most already on HDD except SA

*Max Payne case and manuals

-PS2 HDD, whats on the maxtor-

every ps2 utility youll ever need is already burned onto a dvd, for a complete list check the following post

Games on the HDD (im assuming its against the rules to sell burned games or games burned to HDD so i will leave it to you to erase the games when dont have when it arrives at your house, I AM NOT SELLING THESE GAMES, they are just on the ps2 hdd)

Arcana Heart
Art of Fighting Collection (J)
Capcom Classics Vol.2
Capcom Fighting Evolution
Capcom Vs. SNK 2
Garou: Mark of the Wolves (J)
Gradius 3 and 4
Gradius 5
Guilty Gear (?) Slash i assume?
Hokuto No Ken
Hyper SF2 (J)
KOF 10 in 1
KOF NeoWave
Manhunt 2 -Uncut- (PAL) (this is the famous version that was leaked before game was censored)
Marvel vs Capcom 2 (J)
Marvel vs Capcom 2 (US) Rebuild
Max Payne
Megaman Anniv Collection
Megaman X
Melty Blood (J)
Midway arcade treasures
Midway arcade treasures 2
Mortal Kombat 1, 2, UMK3 (arcade ports)
Mushihimisama (J)
Neo Geo Battle Coliseum (J)
Samurai Showdown (J)
SNES EMULATOR (600+ games)
Star Wars Battlefront II
SF Alpha Anthology
SF3 3s (J)
SVC Chaos (J)
The Sopranos
Vampire: Darkstalkers Collection (J)

Multi Games Collection Volume 3 - Shmups
which includes -
Raiden III
Gigawing Generations
XII Stag
1945 I & II
The Shooter: Love Trizeal
Psyvariar Ultimate Edition
Gradius V
Neo Contra
Treasure Pack
Gunstar Heroes
Metal Slug 4 and 5
Space Invaders Anniversary
Codebreaker 9.2

Multi Games Collection Volume 4 - 9 in 1
DoDon Pachi Dai ou Jou
Psikyo Collection Vol 2
Psikyo Collection Vol 3
Chaos Field, Star Soldier
Contra Shattered Soldier
CodeBreaker 9.2

like i said before, these games are just on the HDD and are all working and fully playable just like the originals, i am NOT selling these games and when you recieve this PS2 you will need to ERASE what you do not own.

2 notes about games on hdd

CVS2 doesnt play the music
Rez needs a memory card in the ps2 or else it freezes for some weird reason.

heres a pic of the ps2

heres what comes on the PS2 Utility disc

|-- Applications
| |-- CogSwap
| |-- ExecFTPs
| |-- HDLoader 0.8B
| |-- HDloader Server
| |-- LensChanger 0.1 Beta 6
| |-- Memory Card Loader 1.36
| |-- Reality Media Player
| |-- SMS
| |-- SNES-Station
| -- ULaunchELF 4.12 |– SYS-CONF
|-- BM
| |-- APPS
| | |-- COGSWAP
| | |-- EXECFTPS
| | |-- HDLD_SVR
| | |-- HDLOADER
| | |-- LENS
| | |-- MCLOAD
| | |-- OSDSYS
| | |-- PS2LINK
| | |-- PS2MEDIA
| | |-- SCEDVD
| | |-- SMS
| | |-- SNES
| | -- ULELF | |– SYS-CONF
| -- THMS | |-- BM1 | |-- DEFAULT | |-- ITUNES | |-- PSXSCENE |– WEB
|-- CDVD Images
| |-- Machine ID Changer
| |-- Swap Magic 3.6
| |-- VCD-DivX Player v1.1
| -- ZoneLoader | |-- CD |– DVD
|-- Documents
| |-- Crystal Chip 2.0 HOWTO
| -- FUSES |-- HDL Compatibility Patches |-- Linux | |-- Ps2Client | |-- applyppf | | |-- linux-redhat | | |-- mac_os-x | |– w32
| -- makeppf | |-- linux-redhat | |-- mac_os-x |– w32
-- Windows |-- CDGenPS2 |-- DVD92ISO | |-- Apache | |-- CDGEN | |-- CDVDGEN |– IML2ISO
|-- HD Handiness
|-- HDLoader Patcher
|-- Independence Exploit
| |-- CDGenPS2
| |-- DBMaker
| |-- Exploit Files
| |-- Independence Exploit Compiler 4.1
| |-- Independence Exploit Compiler 5.0 Beta
| -- TITLE.DB With 800 Games |-- PS2 ELF Packer |-- PS2 SaveBuilder 0.8 |-- Sony CDVD Generator |-- TITLE.DB Maker |-- TOXIC DualLayer Patcher |-- WinDIP 1.7 |-- WinHIIP 1.7.6– ps2dis

THERE IS STILL 73 free GBs on the HDD

the anniv stick

EDIT- i actually forgot a whole bunch of stuff, if anyone shows interest and would like to know, let me know in a post, i also got some sf3 dvds and stuff that i was gonna include, and a bunch of ps1 games, and backups i was including for free