WTS: modded PSX Namco Stick - $95 + free shipping

Up for sale I have a PSX Namco Stick modded with Sanwa buttons and an LS-32 Seimitsu joystick. It’s wired up to a PSX DS PCB. The case is in decent shape. A previous owner engraved “#2” in the top left corner. Maybe someone could work their magic and touch up the paint. I removed the restrictor gate a while back because I didn’t like the square shape, but I still have it as seen in the pic. I need to purchase a few small bolts so I can put it back in. I have both the bat and ball tops. I always liked how the stick looked, since the buttons match the case well. It’s always been good and extremely responsive, no random crapping out or anything of that sort. Has worked very well with my DC converter with no blue screens as far as I know.

I’m asking for $95, free shipping in continental U.S.

Paypal only, please. Thank you for your time. :tup:





Put the gate back in!!

If you do, I’ll buy it.

oh god damn man, i wish i had the cash… i could even meet you to pic it up somewhere

PM sent.

If it’s still available, I’m very interested.

I live in Sweden though, but I would of course pay the shipping cost.

Since Mariodood was first, I must ask: Do you have PayPal?

I have a question. Did you just get another set of Start/Select buttons from another Namco stick to put for L1 and L2, or did you buy it somewhere?

I’m not sure, my friend ordered the case and did all the soldering and stuff for me. =/

Edit: On 2nd thought, since he was selling this stick I think he did take those buttons from the other Namco stick he has.

Yes, I do.

sorry for the late answer… was away from computers all day yesterday.