WTS: Modded Reverse Fightstick Tournament Edition Round 2 Mad Catz ps3


Traditionally you use the joystick in your left hand and the buttons with your right hand. I’m right handed so I wanted to use the joystick with my dominant hand. I suspected I could play better that way and I found that I could play better with the joystick in my right hand. To me it seemed more important to leave the subtle and quick movements of the joystick to my right hand, and use the buttons with my left hand. So I modified my fightstick to reverse controls so I could use the joystick in my right hand and use the buttons in my left hand.

I bought a Super Street Fighter IV arcade fightstick : tournament edition round 2 for the playstation 3. I ordered a top panel replacement from Art’s Hobbies online. I had to use a Dremel rotary tool to cut into the inner frame of the fightstick to leave room for the joystick to sit on the left and the buttons on the right. The buttons are wired in the mirror image of the original setup. So the inside buttons do the same as the inside buttons on the original setup.

I have the original box and the instruction insert for the fightstick. I also still have the original top panel for the fightstick. If your handy with fightsticks you could replace the original top panel someday if you so desired. You could probably find tutorials on the internet. I’m also including a very slightly used container of silicone grease.

I think this setup would be great for someone that is right handed and wants to use the joystick in their right hand. It may also work for a left handed player to have the reverse controls of how most right handed players play.

I’m selling it for $150 and that is all inclusive (includes shipping).

How to switch around the joystick on my arcade stick?

I guess I could go down to $120 with shipping. If it doesn’t sell, than I may have to put the original top panel back on and sell it on ebay.


I would like to purchase this


nvm I want one like this but for xbox 360