WTS: Modded SE stick, Boxed Saturn, RARE Third Strike disc, more.. come see!


Paypal via gift only
U.S. only
Prices include shipping to lower 48 states
Don’t hesitate to PM w/ any questions.


  • First up is a boxed Sega Saturn system in great condition.

comes with: S-video/Audio Cable, Power Cable, Boxed Official Controller, The game: Astal


  • $60 Shipped


  • Boxed, Modded PS3 (usb end) Street Fighter SE Stick

Has All sanwa parts, except the last 2 buttons on the end, which are semitsu.


- $85 shipped




7 Sealed NEW Street Fighter 4 guides - $10 each
2 Sealed NEW Super Mario Galaxy Collectors Guides - 1 sold, $25 shipped
1 Sealed NEW Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass Collectors Guide - $25 shipped


Band Hero DS DEMO kit

This is an in-store demo game. Says ‘Not for Resale’ on it. comes with the peripherals to play it.


  • $50 shipped


Street Fighter III: Third Strike Preview Consideration disc

This disc was released 4 months before the final release of the game. This is actually a GD-R disc, but does work on a retail with a little trick (which I will show the buyer).


  • $185 shipped


Random Assortment of handheld boxes, most are complete. PM for details.


  • **Name your price on these. Will most likely not be turned down. Check trade list **


The Nightmare Before Christmas PS2, Played Once, complete.


  • $12 shipped


Sega CD games:

Sewer Shark - Not for Resale

Surgical Strike + National Hockey Night case is broken.

  • want to sell all for $10 shipped, or check out the trade list.


After Burner II import (Sega Saturn) in a jewel case.


  • $10 shipped


Final Fantasy: Dirge of Cerberus BETA Disc.

This is for a japanese PS2. Never tried it. It is a public beta disc that they used to try out the game.


  • $20 shipped


Good stuff, I don’t know but what’s with the boxes? Haha


is anything different on the 3s preview disc? sounds cool as hell


For people like me who are anal about stuff being “complete”. -___-


When using paypal, you aren’t allowed to force people to use the gift function.


V_O, did you get that thing I sent you? :stuck_out_tongue: