WTS: Modded SE Stick with Sanwa parts

This Madcatz SE Fightstick has 6 Sanwa buttons and a Sanwa JLF Joystick. I am asking for $80.00 + Shipping. If anybody wants a video or some pictures than just request and I will do so. I’ve been using this stick for a few months now, but it works great. I am willing to make negotiations so just send me a PM or post here and I will be glad to work it out.

Pretty dope stick, I’ve used this stick, it really feels like a mini TE stick. Button and stick all work! Free bump for you bro!

I think you should put what console it is used for.

bump for my buddy…and it’s a 360 stick

Yes I also think you should also post which system its for since you have both Psn and Bbl. Also for the quick description it’ll be nice if you told us what color buttons and ball top you have. Imo decent price so, “FREE BUMP.”

Thanks for the info guys, but I just sold the stick.