WTS: Modded SFIV PS3 TE Stick 100$ + shipping

Barely even used. The only thing I’ve actually done was just change the square gate to a octo gate.

otherwise, the thing has just been gathering dust in my closet. Comes with everything you’d expect, original box and all that good stuff.

U.S. Only


I can throw the square gate in if you’d want to replace it with the octo.

Probably would get more interested buyers if you posted pictures.

Stock photo stick. No difference.

Ohh for some reason I didn’t realize that the SFIV referred to the stick o_o. TE, right?

Not interested, by the way - just want to clarify for prospective buyers.

I forgot to put that in my description anyway. Thats what I get for raiding in WoW late at night hahaha


Just to help you out some more. There is a thread for all Street Fighter Mad Catz sticks. You should post this in there. Also, I don’t think you are allowed to bump without dropping the price.



Bump for price drop.