WTS: Modded T5 PS2/3, free Happ case

I am selling a working PS2 stick, the one pictured below. The PCB has been changed to a SFAC Ryu pad and the clear ball top will be changed to a red one. The art is misprinted and it’s blocking Hsien Ko’s face. Case has been painted white but it’s chipping in some areas, not a big deal. Wiring is subpar, I’ll clean it up as best as I can before I take pictures. Comes with InPin converter. Willing to part it out, prices below.

Yfrog Image : yfrog.com/jb20100905102428100j

100 for whole thing

Just Case - 25 shipped
w/ plexi - 35 shipped
6x OBSF-30 2x OBSN-24 - 25 shipped
JLF w/ dustwasher - 20 shipped
InPin - 22 shipped

I have a Happ case that needs to be primered and painted. It also comes with a plexiglass panel but it’s kinda dingy. This case is free, just pay for the shipping which will be around $15 to the US and $2 for my bus fare to get to the post office haha. No pictures because it was about to be sold but the buyer backed out so I packed it up already.

Bump, added freebies.

What’s the case made of?

It’s made out of MDF.

price dropped, inpin added

pm’d :slight_smile:

Last bump before I attempt to ebay it or something.

let me get this straight , stick+converter+free happ case= 117 shipped ? if so ill buy it

Yeah it’ll be 117 total. You don’t have to buy both for the Happ case to be free haha. I’ll pm you in a bit if you’re still interested. I was rewiring the stick and realized I don’t have any shrink wrap or zip ties to organize the wires. If you don’t mind the wiring being a bit messy I can just wire it up tonight and have it in the mail to you the same day I receive payment. Send me a pm about what you wanna do.