WTS: Mods, Customs and More

All prices include shipping to the USA.

Japanese to Korean Mod - $100
This will include a Myoungshin Fanta lever (or Taeyoung Fanta if they come back in stock) If you want to donate your original lever I’ll knock off $10.

Artwork- $15

Dual Mods
Prices on Dual Mods and what not coming soon.

**Myoungshin Fanta with SOFT rubbers - $40 **
Fanta has discontinued the different stiffness rubbers and now only produces one stiffness for their Myoungshin Fanta. I am still able to get them but there is some turn around. If I see that there is a large enough demand I will start ordering a few at a time to cut down on delivery time.

If there are any questions or requests feel free to ask, but in order to keep the thread fairly clean please ask Via PM and I will update this post with the request and the answer.

3 HRAP cases (I can stock with parts and make dual modded with either a PS/360 ver1 or a Paewang PCB) $40 for the each case or $125 each for it being dual modded

1 Brawl Stick w/seimitsu buttons and a carbon fibered top panel (Dual modded with a cerberus) $85

2 Qanba Q4 3-in-1 $125 USD

1 Omni Revision 1- Mirror Black Powder Coat with white crown 203 buttons (and the yelllow sanwas on the back have been replace with white sanwa) and a white Crown CWJ-303n $225

1 Korean Modded R1 TE with a carbon fibered top panel

1 Silent JLF

1 Zebra wood case, this case has a lower profile so you aren’t going to be able to put a korean lever into it. (I can stock with parts and make dual modded with either a PS/360 ver1 or a Paewang PCB) $55 or $135 stocked

1 Green/Blue Stained Pine case (I can stock with parts and make dual modded with either a PS/360 ver1 or a Paewang PCB) $50 or $130 stocked

1 Stained Pine case with white sanwa screw ins and a white crown cwj303n

1 PS3 (willing to dual mod) Korean Modded SV5 TE Soul Edition

1 PS3 (willing to dual mod) Korean Modded TTT2 TES+ stick.

I’ll post pictures on Sunday since today and tomorrow I’ll be busy getting ready for and celebrating my youngest kids first birthday! :slight_smile: I might have more to add after that too!

This guy knows what he’s doing. He helped me fix my stick in a little less than an hour via text messaging. Text messaging!

Thanks again man, I was about to quit fighters if I couldn’t get my stick fixed.

can u so a mod on my mvc2 te? i want artwork and buttons changed maybe even paint done to the case?


Yes i can do that. Send me PM and we will work out the details

I stand by Galen, he had my TE top panel drilled to accomodate a korean stick real quick. If ya’ll want a Korean mod, he’s da man.

Hey man, im looking for some artwork top and bottom on my magocyber case if your available!

Sep,  all i do is print and cut.  I CAN get custom art done for you but it is a bit more expensive 

I got the stuff today man,thanks. This man is legit got my stuff quick.

did you get that thing I sent you? :stuck_out_tongue:

I did. My notifications have been kinda messed up.

Update to the first post.


Good stuff.

Are those the stock black Qanba Q4’s?

P’M sent! and do you mind posting pics of the brawl stick?

Chewy, one is a stock black one. The other is a white one with a clear bubble ball. I’ll upload pictures here in a little bit.

INTERESTED IN THE WHITE ONE! Can you quote me price to 29307? EDIT: also does it come with original box too? I’m kinda OCD about it haha. If not I’ll still take it.

This guy is fucking awesome buy with confidence

Sadly the black one is still in the original box. The white one was too until my kid went into my garage and decided to play around with stuff he shouldn’t have been.