Wts: Mortal Kombat PDP stick

Have a PDP Mortal Kombat stick for the 360 for sale, used for about twenty minutes. Still in perfect condition. Includes the Ermac and Sub Zero Klassic skins and an avatar Scorpion skin, plus the online pass. $100 + shipping($15-20) to the lower 48. Payments through Paypal only.

does it feel uncomfortable?

No, it’s not that bad at all, it’s a good stick. This one is a spare I have.
Bump for adding things, forgot this thing came with a character skin, Ermac I think. That’s included with the sale, a 360 online pass and one more thing, I think it was the Scorpion avatar outfit, I’ll have to double check when I get home. For some reason I can’t edit on the pc here at work, I’ll clean things up tonight.

Bump, edited first post, everything together.