WTS: Multi Console Modded Chun LI TE-S, Dual Modded White Asian TE, Bose Headphones


White Asian TE (360/PS3) - $190 shipped

Having some button issues. Can’t quite figure it out. Eveything else works great. Will ship in a MVC3 TE box.

BOSE Quiet Comfort 15 Heahpones - $275 shipped

I don’t really need noise canceling headphones now that I have my own place living alone. They work great, and come with an iphone mic and controls, and the traditional airplane connections.

**Multi Console Modded Chun TE - $260 shipped **

Pics later.


I’m interested in the eightarc…lol.


Hahah. PM me man. I’m in Houston so shipping won’t be a big deal.


Pm’d lol


I’m interested in that Eightarc as well. I’m located in houston too. Can local pick up be arranged if slaycruz doesn’t take it off your hands?


Nice stuff in here. Good Luck with sale.


My buddy is interested in the Chun dunno if he hit u up yet


No not yet. You’re the first to mention interest.






Guys interested in the eight arc…etalage has given me til Wed…if I don’t have tje funds by then…its up for grabs…but it will be mine…oh…it will be mine lol…


international shipping?



give me a quote for international shipping on the vlx to uk if your gonna ship outside US


payment sent for VLX.


Pmt sent for eight arc.


Stuff is getting sold quick! Thanks everyone.


I want the projectgiantsword stick lol but true. If you ending up not liking it let me know. Thanks.


Got the VLX today and it was packages very well and everything was as described if not better.




Are those posters framed?