WTS: Multi-Console modded SNES pad with 8gig internal thumbdrive

Yes, you read that correctly. Up for sale is a Super Nintendo pad that I just finished modding that will work for all the systems the MC Cthulhu supports. Not only that, but inside is a 8 gig thumb drive. Set the switch to the left to play on any of the multiple systems supported. Set the switch to the right when plugged into a usb port to enable the internal thumb drive.

I am selling it for $150 + shipping. It will come with three detachable cables. One usb cable and two other cables for the systems of your choice. Additional cables after that are $10 each.

WOW Gummo…just wow.

Good luck with the sell!! this is fantastic!!

Well beyond my price range, but it certainly is awesome! Good luck!

God, it’s so…beautiful. Far too much for me to afford, but…wow. _

Dude, that is crazy how you fit all those pcb’s into that frame. Just sick!

If it helps any, I can make a version of the snes pad with internal thumb drive for just PC/PS3 for $100.

Still sounds awesome, but I’m broke.

…someday, I’ll be able to afford things I don’t need.

ahh thats awesome! im def gonna do the dead bug mod. Id love if you had some kind of diagram u could share. Good luck with this sale

pm sent.


Amazing work, Gummo.

Any chance you’ll start making more? made to order? Any other kind of pads? 6 button genesis? etc

I’ll def be making more, however I think I’ll be sticking with just modding them to be one or the other:PS3/PC + internal thumb drive or Multi-System but no thumb drive.

They will all be made to order. I can do either mod for NES, SNES, Genesis, and Saturn. There might be other controllers I could do, but will just need to ask first because I could do something really crazy. For example take an old gameboy shell and turn that into a usb controller.

I have a question, though. If you fill up the thumb drive with really sick match vids like right before a tournament, will it supercharge your own gameplay?

How,much would u charge for just a dual modded 360 controller, not sure if he wants a fightpad or not, I can ask him once u give me a round about…

$100 to dual mod a fightpad. Find out if he wants a fightpad modded or a MS controller.

Its a regular wired MS controller, same price? If he’s interested I will let u know

Can’t dual mod that model. The only MS one is the late version wireless. The best I could do is if that wired one is a late version and make it only work for ps3. Either way, the analog sticks wouldn’t work (at least without modding the left analog stick to register as the dpad).

ahh i see, thanks anyway… i’ll just tell him to invest in a 360 style ps3 controller, he’ll just have to take both controls to tourneys and meet ups lol

tell him to try out the Madcatz MLG pad.

is that dual modded out the box? or are you saying for his ps3 problem?