WTS: Multi-console TE mod (RJ45)

Looking to sell my TE stick, 360 R1 TE stick, modded with MC Cthulhu and RJ-45 pass through where the back button was (back button relocated to Turbo button), a few scratches on the bezel (i would guess from removing the faceplate etc), comes with ArtHong’s plexi and a Vewlix art, full 8 button. replaced the buttons/stick about a month and a half ago.

Not really looking to make a lot of money off it (looking to buy a TE-S actually), so I feel like $235 + shipping (or if you want me to make you a USB to RJ-45 cable, $245 + shipping. I leave it as optional because I know a lot of people like to use the special Neutrik boots). This comes out to cost for a new set of parts and the work for me doing the dual mod.
Pictures will be posted later tonight, sticks at home.
<edit> The Cord Compartment is missing. I removed it because I was sick of it. took $5 off asking price.
<edit 2> Pictures of the top and RJ-45 mount.
Red Bezel is included, you can see it in the top down picture, I took it off for ease of use. Ignore the USB cable coming from it, I was testing another pcb.

got pics?

Willing to trade for a 360 TE-S dual modded w/MC cthul+IMP?

First post updated with pictures.
La(RENCE). Possibly. If at all I’d like to avoid it (I want to wire up another stick, lol) its an option though. PM me with pictures and details, please?