WTS: Music Equipment, Madcatz TE, Modded SE


Closed - Will make a new one and follow the rules this time.


Spitfie, I have the same microphone for $45 Shipped, and no one is buying it. So, it does not make sense to put that on there. I’m trying to save you from getting low balled. Some people offered me $30!! I know, a lot of people are really just damn cheap.


i’ll just thug it out then. may put it on amazon


Yeah man, It’s hard to get anything that’s non-videogame(ish) on here to sell.



I assume shipping is already a part of all these prices?


yes sorry let me add that


Figured that might help you out, good luck.


Bamp It!!




Bump, Didnt know the rules of bump, lowered price and removed an item.