WTS MvC 1&2, JLF, balltops, P360's other stuff

Marvel vs Capcom Dreamcast in nm condition - $20
Marvel vs Capcom 2 dreamcast in nm condition except the book has a rolled spine. - $40
Virtual-On: Oratorio Tangram dreamcast in nm condition - sold
2 Total Control Plus PS2 to Dreamcast controller adapters - $20 each - 1 sold
Ball tops: Blue (sold), Green (sold), Pink, Red(sold) - $4 each
Bubble tops: Clear, purple - sold
2 White Bat Tops w/adapter - sold
set of 8 red Sanwa obsn-30 screw-in buttons. Light use. sold
2 Hori 24mm yellow snap in buttons $1 each
2 Brand new Happ Perfect 360 (P360) - $50 each
1 Brand new JLF-TP-8T (black ball top) - sold
1 octogate for jlf - sold
I think that’s all. Paypal or local pickup only please. Thanks!

Free shipping over $50 otherwise ask for a shipping quote please.


updated and priced individually

Just so it’s clear…, these prices DO NOT include shipping?

Right. Let me know what you want and I’ll let you know the total

I want virtua on. What’s shipping to 94591. can pay right away.

PM sent

jinx, you combine shipping on multiple items? If it’s not too late I want to add octogate and 1 white battop. PM the extra amount please. Thanks.

I’m interested on the JLF, but $30 + shipping seems a little high? I think most stores sell it for $25 if I am not mistaken. Area code 06511

PM Sent

gamingnow.net charges $25 + shipping for a JLF with no wiring harness or mounting plate. The one Im selling is complete and never used. I’ll send a PM and just let me know if you still want it or not. Thanks!

I’ll buy a Total Control Plus for $20 shipped – PM me please if you are willing to deal. Thanks!

pm sent. everything paid for early today was shipped today.