WTS - MVC Themed Sanwa Buttons - Wii Tatsunoko SE - Full Sanwa and Seimitsu Upgrade

Decided to thin out some more of my Stick Collection.

Here is my Wii Tatsunoko Stick. It has a JLF and Seimitsu Buttons. U[graded about 2 months ago. Also included are two 30mm Button Plugs.

This stick has been Discontinued by MadCatz.

Buyer can decide on Square or Octogate.

Shipping should be about 12$ or so so I am looking at 50$ Shipped

Also, I added some flare to my MVC stick and have decided to sell off the leftovers…

This is a set of MVC themed Sanwa osbf Snap ins. 3 yellow bases with blue plungers (Capcom color) and 3 white bases with red plungers (Marvel color ). These all have less than one hour of play time as I just used them to make sure they work. The three yellow buttons were taken out of a MVC TE. (again, used for less than an hour.)

Looking to get 18$ Shipped for the buttons…

Bump for a reputable seller! Holla at me if you’re willing to lower the price, thx!

Added Sanwa Buttons