WTS: MVC2 PS2, iPod 30gb video, XBOX 360 Controller

Need some extra cash so ive decided to sell some stuff I no longer have any need for.

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 for PS2- In good condition has some scratches but plays flawlessly. Comes with book and case all in good condition. $70 shipped


Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Dreamcast- Does not come with booklet or case has scratches but does not affect gameplay what so ever**$25 shipped**

Capcom Vs. Snk Dreamcast- As close to mint as you can find comes with booklet and case**$20 shipped**

This iPod is a year and a half old. The only problem with it is the battery doesn’t keep a full charge. Once it is done charging it won’t turn off. I spoke with someone from the apple store and they said it would cost around $35 to get a new battery replaced other than that it works perfectly the ear buds are still sealed. I’m asking $90 shipped

Brand New Xbox 360 wireless controller $35 shipped

I accept paypal and if need be money orders as well. I’m not looking to trade for anything.
Thanks for looking; pm me with any question you may have.


All pms replied to; hold on the agetec stick as well as the sfac stick all other items are still up for purchase.


SFAC & agetec stick both sold.

Prices lowered and xbox 360 wireless controller added.

how much was the agetec stick?

I sold it last week for $45 and another $15 for shipping i believe.

Price drop.

How “recent” is the 360 wireless controller? Do you have any idea if it is one of the new common ground versions? If it is I’m interested.

All pm’s replied to, MVC2 for the dreamcast is currently on hold until Sunday. 30gb iPod added.



Dropped the price of the ipod.