WTS> MvC2 TE (PS3), WTB> Dual Modded TE, Sanwa Buttons, Balltop, Bezel, Evo Monitor



  • 1x Madcatz TE Fight Stick [dual modded with working headset jack] [must be in good condition]
  • 2x Asus VH236H [new for around $150 each]
  • 1x Chun-Li Fight Stick [360]
  • 6x Light Blue Sanwa Buttons [new]
  • 2x Yellow Sanwa Buttons [new]
  • 1x Madcatz Yellow Bezel [new]
  • 1x Tek-Innovation Normal Sized Plexiglass
  • 1x Xbox 360 Slim [new and unopened and never modded/flashed for around $150]
  • SSF4AE (360), MvC3 (360), maybe SSF4 (360) [must be in okay condition, don’t want to see a scratched up disc]

Thanks for checking this out!