WTS: MVC2 TE Stick and OBSC 30mm Translucent Buttons (SET of 8 - XBOX layout)


First up, I’d like to sell my MVC2 TE stick. I have had no problems at all with this stick and works amazing. As far as wear, there’s slight wear on the body… a couple light scruffs. Not too noticeable. I replaced the white bezel with a black and other than that, everything else is stock. Looking at $120 shipped for this stick. Like I said, minor cosmetic wear (can provide pics if you’re serious about acquiring) but no problems at all as far as functioning. Also comes in its original box.

Next up, I have a used set of OBSC translucent buttons (30mm snap ins) for sale. Unfortunately, half of the sides have broken when I tried to squeeze them out. The green OBSC has one side broken, black (smoke) OBSC has both sides broken, yellow OBSC has both sides, and the blue OBSC has one side. The red OBSC and 3 of the other black (smoke) OBSC have no damage taken to them. Despite half being broke, they all work with no problems. Doesn’t affect the functionality at all. ALL THE BUTTONS WORK.

I would like to sell this set of 8 buttons (yellow, blue, red, green, and 4 smoke) and a black sanwa ball top for $30 shipped. Despite some of the broken buttons, they still are able to snap into your arcade stick and should have no problem staying down. It’s just the sides to push down on when you try to take out your buttons have broke. Here are a couple pics…

Thank you for looking. Only accept paypal and all items are shipped in the CONUS only.