WTS: MvC2 TE Stick Xbox, 360 Slim Drive, Plus Random Stuff


Got some stuff I’m willing to Part with Only accepting Paypal, and U.S shipping Only!

Marvel vs Capcom 2 TE Fight Stick (Xbox 360) with Swapped out White/Black buttons and Ball Top.
$95 - Shipped (Barley Used)

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Double Sided Poster from Vita Event (Rare)
$20 - Shipped

Replacement Xbox 360 Slim Drive Flashed with Lite-On 2.0
About this Item I have sent my Xbox to get flashed and once I received it back He sent me 2 drives
I’m guessing after reading on some 360 boards I found out he had failed a Kamikaze Hack and had to repair it that’s why a red Cable is on the board? Really don’t know anything about Xbox and Flashing and I really don’t need it. Item has been tested and works just fine.
$25 - Shipped

If you guys have any questions feel free to PM me, Thanks!


Is that MVC2 TE for Xbox or PS3?


It’s for Xbox 360 I have it for both but the Picture I posted is the PS3. I rarely use my Xbox 360 So I really have no need for it. Yes they are both custom with the White/Black Buttons with the Matching Ball top, and Box Included.


bumped Lower Prices


ill take the poster if you still got it


pm sent about the Te


Poster Sold, TE Pending


Stick and Poster Sold. Will let the Drive go for $25 Shipped.


is te sold?


Yes sorry.


are both te’s sold?


Yes. sorry