WTS: My Japanese 60GB PS3

Here’s what you get for $560 shipped:

  • A Japanese 60GB PS3. Plays American PS3 games and Blu-ray movies no problem.
  • Plays Japanese PS1/PS2 games only.
  • I will keep all the games I have installed on the system: Fl0w, Tekken DR, Everyday Shooter, and a few others.

Pretty sweet deal, PM if interested!

I thought blu-ray movies were also still region locked.

They can be region locked, but USA and Japan are in the same region for Blu-ray:

Region Code / Countries:

Region A: Americas; East and Southeast Asia.
Region B: Africa, Europe, Oceania; Middle East; French territories; Greenland.
Region C: Central and South Asia; Mongolia, Russia, and People’s Republic of China.

Additionally, most retail Blu-rays are region free and don’t use the region encoding at all.

Bump, now for sale rather than for trade.

dang wish i had the money :sad: cuz i have japanese 3s PS2 disc

What are you looking for(to trade)?

$560 cash only. I was trying to trade for an American 60GB PS3, but nobody was interested so I got one from eBay.