WTS : My last HRAP (PS3) ;__ ;

I was pondering this a the whole day, so Ive made my decision to sell my last HRAP. PS3 btw

Astrocity like HRAP Link Asking $75 for it.

I will have no HRAPS after this:crybaby::crybaby:, I needed the money and to be honest I’ve lost money selling my HRAPs but oh well. So help me SRK ! My books wont buy themselves :bluu::bluu::crybaby::xeye:

That’s harsh… a pro tip… when I was in school, I would go to the library and borrow one of the reserve books and just make photocopies of the chapters. At most, I think I’d spend about $20 on copying a book. Why pay hundreds when you most likely won’t ever use the book again!!! FREE bump for you. Great price for a modded HRAP.

I would suggest buying your books on half.com

And I suggest checking dealoz.com first.

thx. guys but I need to sell this first before I can get the books :lol:

$5 price drop :sad:

Ouch that’s a pretty sweet one too. free bump…

bump drop to $70 :sad:

sanwa? And how fast do you need this thing sold?

:u: All Sanwa. The faster it sells the better :lol:


still for sale =/

Yo, check chegg.com too.

Expensive books suck. Good luck, man!

Buying books for college is ass =[

Nice price though, props to whoever gets it. Shit is a steal.

Is that $70 shipped, or is shipping separate?

$70 shipped.

I’m gonna say one thing if this doesnt sell by tomorrow, then I’m just gonna ask the mod to close this thread. I’ll find some other way to buy my books.

I have some people that are in line with maybes on it. But whoever can pay me first gets it. A fuking maybe isnt gonna buy my bookz :annoy:


Sold , so travis “do your job!” / spidey

thx SRK . Now to buy my books!