WTS my modded sticks


I am trying to clear out some of my modded sticks. I have three sticks I am trying to get rid of.

First is a modded Korean Wooden stick from eTokki.com. It is modded with a Myoungshin Fanta stick and Crown snap in buttons. There is some minor damage to the vinyl visible in the image due to handling with glue with I used to paste the buttons to the the panel since it was too thick to snap in. The stick is mounted without the metal plate to get more mounting height due to the thickness of the panel. The stick is dual modded with a ChimpSMD+Padhack.


Price: [S]$100[/S] $90 Shipped

Next is the black revolution stick originally for PS1. I dropped a Paewang Revolution PCB in the stick to support Xbox360/PS3. The stick is a Sanwa using Zippy 50g microswitches and a short Kowal’s shaft since the stick is mounted directly to the case. The buttons are Crown snap ins mounted using the rubber rings from eTokki.com.


Price: [S]$120[/S] $100 shipped

Next is the most difficult mod I ever done. It is a old Hori SCII stick I modded using all sanwa parts and a full Cthulhu+Imp+Padhack for multi console compatibility. I drilled the sides to add two additional buttons for a full 8 set and even a dedicated home button and RJ45 jack. This stick is mounted directly to case to it mounts higher than standard height. I combine the JLF spring with a LS-33 spring for added stiffness and modded the microswitches with paper inserts to slightly decrease the engage distance. Both mods can be undone at the request of buyer, but I really love the result and think it is superior to a stock sanwa. For an extra $10, I can change the shaft to a Kowal short shaft to bring the ball top height to standard height.





Price: [S]$170[/S] $150 shipped

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Hey man just wanted to say good luck with your sale, great items!


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