WTS: N64 games & PS2 game bundle & laptop cooler

I saw some interest in these titles a little while back, so if any remains I’m selling my copies that i just got back from a friend. All items are CARTRIDGE ONLY and all prices are OBO. Prefer to ship to continental US…but i can make exceptions.


Gauntlet Legends - 8 shipped
Killer Instinct Gold - 18 shipped SOLD
Blast Corps - 6 shipped ON HOLD
Mortal Kombat Trilogy - 10 shipped


Also selling a PS2 game bundle of some stuff I’d like to get rid of.
Onimusha 2
Way of the Samurai
MOH: Frontline
Midnight Club II

All 5 games for 30 + shipping OBO. I’ll separate the bundle and sell individually by offer only.

Also splinter cell xbox for 5 shipped…or free with a purchase. i dont care, i gave away my xbox a while ago.

I also have an opened, but NEW and UNUSED Lapcool2 notebook cooler. I didn’t do a price check for it, but when i bought it it was about 50 bucks. So i’ll do 30 + shipping OBO.



MK trilogy is a good game, i woudl buy it if i had a N64, good luck selling the games.

ha, well if youre really interested i might be able to round up a n64 to sell along with it - I would have to find out where my other one went though…

im not reaaaaaaaly interested in a N64 but if you can tell the price or post it, somebody might be interested and buy it, and nobody knows if the price is good and i end up buying it… :smokin:

price drop

I call Killer Instinct, pm me your paypal quick. Got 30 min break.

sorry i missed your break! pm sent and on hold for you.

PM sent!


price drop on remaining n64 titles and stuff added.

one last bump before i try to ebay/craigslist this stuff.