WTS: Namco Arcade Stick PSone, Xbox360 Hori Fight Stick EX, Neo-Geo Pad 2 PS2

Damn forgot about this thread lol. The VSHG has been sold, the Namco Stick w/ box is still up for grabs and price includes shipping. I’ll be updating this thread soon with more items.

@MarkMan - You want just the box? Sorry bro, I love your work, but you gotta buy the whole package. Unless you’re willing to cut me a sweet deal to make it worth my time. =3

If you still have the Namco Thursday, I’ll most likely take it… I have to see how my money is looking

Alrighty, with that, added 2 new items, might have more stuff later.

PM me. I’m a dealmaker :wink:

Please remove paypal gift option. Not to sound dickish but its just the rules.

Alright thanks for the heads up, I wasn’t aware there was rule regarding it. I dunno how I missed it lol.

Anyways, new item added, Sega Saturn USB pad.

Got my stick today,horrible packing job resulted in cosmetic damage.Item was shipped in original box covered in tape and postal stickers,none of the original padding only the stick loose in the box with 2 thin sheets of the smallest grade bubble wrap.The stick has scratches on the balltop and on the 4 small buttons and 1 of the sanwa buttons.This was 200$ so you would think that some effort would have been put into shipping it with some sort of respect for the buyer.Beware of this seller.High priced items and low quality shipping.I want some sort of compensation for this.Way to ruin a perfectly good box.Stay classy

Jesus. Make sure you file a claim with Paypal to at least try to protect yourself. Hopefully seller does the right thing.

60$ paypal refund would be fine with me .This could have been avoided.I really dont want to file a paypal claim.

i hear you. i only responded to this because i literally just went through a similar situation yesterday. received a stick that had very clear case separation that wasn’t disclosed. seller did the right thing and refunded some of the money. good luck to you.

offer of new balltop and sanwa buttons accepted

did u send the balltop and buttons yet?