WTS - Namco & Bewlix - UK Sale


Hello Chaps,

I’m looking to sell a couple of sticks that I have lying around collecting dust. The first is a PS1 Namco. I believe this is a Japanese model and has a black restrictor gate.

£49.99 shipped to UK

The Bewlix is now sold.


So the rough conversion from GBP to USD would be almost 150% right? SO we are looking at near 90-100USD for the PS1 stick and almost 380-400 for the Bewlix?


no google is your friend

namco -$80.30
bewlix - $297.16


Looks like its actually about 160% right now, but it looks like you did pretty bad on the math there.

Bumps for s_k! still sad I never got a grey/black swirl balltop from you :frowning:


used the google currency converter from great british pounds to us dollars and thats what came out


Sorry, that was pointed at dikrodnum…forgot the quote. Your conversion is right.


I’m back to work, brighenne, and I’m hankerin’ after getting some more tops on the go. BE is up for it too, so once the money starts rolling back it at the end of the month we’ll probably start up again.

Sorry about the interest rates guys! The pound is strong against the dollar right now, but if it makes you feel any better, everything is very expensive over here. Also, I have no idea how much these would cost to send over the pond, so please bear in mind that there might be another £20-30 overseas shipping added to the price if you want it. I’m going to ask a couple of guys exactly how much it costs them to ship from the UK, just in case anyone is interested.


Well, it usually costs me somewhere in the area of £60-£70 depending on the state. That’s with Royal Mail/Parcelforce.


I might look into a courier, I’m sure the Royal Mail take the piss with their prices. The Bewlix is pretty weighty though, so I would expect the shipping would be slap in the face.


gl with your sale. bring on the custom balltops! XD


This is awesome news!

Wish I could take that Bewlix off your hands, but at the moment I don’t have that much cash to spare X3.

As for the shipping, try other couriers. Royal Mail will rip you up the ass for this sort of thing because they know majority of people think that’s all they can go to for shipping things so they’ll basically charge through the roof.


LoL, yeah it was late in the night when I tried to do math…lol. 300 still isn’t bad for a modded BD custom with shipping! Might have to jump on it!!!


That’s before shipping though, we’re looking at about $265 for the stick without shipping (minus £20 UK shipping), and could be anywhere up to an extra $110 for US shipping, judging from BE’s estimate.


sk! things picked up for you?


In the life department yes, I’ve got my old job back for another year, so the money is coming in again, big relief. The balls are on the way again, and I’m feeling good about sticks once more (I’m waiting on my Voltech case, which I’m really excited about), I just have to remember to keep my cool when certain people start pressing my buttons.


I’m glad you are back on track dude. Heh, pressing buttons, no pun intended I bet.


Good to hear You got it back for the moment. Looking forward to seeing more tops. And don’t let em press your buttons, Taking over Your idea plus asking for your help to dick you over. lame.


congrats on getting your old job. Bring on the balltops!