WTS: Namco PS1 Joystick with Original Box and inpin PS3 / Xconverteri X360 Adapters


Selling more of my sticks as I only use one of them anymore since I started getting actual arcade cabinets.

Up for grabs is a Playstation 1 Namco Joystick. This stick is in pretty good condition compared to a lot I have seen. Everything is STOCK (Which is what you want on one of these sticks).

The stick is complete with no missing screws on the top or bottom. No major scratches or anything like that either. There is a bit of wear on the bottom, but again, not as bad as most.

This auction comes with the original Namco Box as well. I do not have the cardboard insert or the original plastic bag the box came in, but this is a great item for a collector of sticks.

Also, I am including an inPin PS1 - PS3 converter as well as an etokki PS1 - X360 Converter with this stick. This is in case you want to use the stick on any of the new games currently out. I have tested this stick on both consoles with Ae.2012 and UMVC3 and it performs flawlessly with NO lag.

The box has a bit of wear, but considering it’s age, it is in great shape.

I am looking to get 140$ Shipped for the stick as it will cost around 20$ to ship it properly within the U.S. and the adapters cost around 50$ on their own.

Let me know if you’re interested. I am not looking to split the adapters away from this bundle.

Only thing I am interested in trading for is MVS Multi Cartridges / CPS2 Vs. Games. Otherwise I am looking for cash to put towards fixing up my cabs and getting new games for them.


Bump. 130$ Shipped.


Decided I can sell the stick and box separately for 90$ Shipped.


120$ Shipped for the Bundle. 80$ Shipped on the Boxed Stick.


PM sent.


That looks like an XConverter 360, not an etokki 360 converter. I only mention the difference because the XConverter needs an official 360 controller to work.


^ I apologize, you are correct. This is the Xconverter. I’ve been using it with an official wired 360 pad and the namco works great with it.