WTS: Namco Stick Dual modded (360<>PS3) with Art's Plexi Panel!

Hey folks of SRK!
I’m looking to sell my dual modded Namco stick featuring Art’s custom plexi panel so that you can put art on it!
The controller is modded with all Sanwa parts (JLF joystick, Sanwa buttons) and works with both PS3(Cthulhu/Imp) and Xbox 360
and comes with a USB neutrik mount, so that you can detach your USB cables without having the hassle to deal with tangled wires!
The condition of the Namco stick is well taken care of, as if it was my newborn.
I’m looking to sell it for $175(Negotiable) dollars shipped domestically in the US.



Good luck!

Nice looking stick.

pretty sick stick. any pics of the guts?

Yes sirree,
This was one of my favorite case to work with since it was a challenge for me to work on the wiring job to properly fit the pcb in the case. :smiley:
Controllers :: IMG_1584.jpg picture by Networkingyuppy - Photobucket

If I had 200 I’d so cop that. sad face.

wicked! hard to imagine everything fit together so perfectly

Bumped with a lower price. :slight_smile:



and SOLD to IbeatuSON!
Thanks for checking it out folks!