WTS Naomi MVC2

I need funds for a plane ticket to see someone special, and I need to sell this within the week. Pictures can be up tommorrow. I’ll try to gather more stuff to sell, but this is the big one right now. I bought this at an auction, and it came inside the machine, played it a few times, but I’m just not that into the game and I have it on DC. Please do not low ball me on this, because I need all I can get right now.

MVC2 Naomi Cart only 250 shipped.

Here is the top.


Close up of the bar code

Game running

Buy in the next 24 hours and I’ll throw in the Marquee for free. The marquee is official from the original kit. If you need the Naomi motherboard, we can negotiate that.

Aww man, she ain’t worth it :stuck_out_tongue:

MVC2 will always be there for you no matter what!

Good luck with your auction!

You can sell your plasma and get like 30-50 bucks a pop, plus you can do it twice a week.

Hell, I would sell a kidney before I sold that cart.

agreed. lol

be a “fund raiser” :wgrin:

I hear ponzi schemes are working pretty well these days too. Try one of those…

Why just the cart? I thought you needed the exact same naomi board and the cart for the game to run. How much for all of it? PM me if need be, I am interested regardless.

I ask, because I have two dying MVC2 boards, but I am not sure if by merely swapping the cart I could get it to work. Does the region matter?

Never heard of Naomi carts dying.
CPS2 dies all the time though.

Exactly, i don’t think Naomi carts die. I think the carts work with any board, it’s just the bios in the motherboard that makes the difference in what language and censorship you have.

The board i have has a D bios in it. I’ll send you the whole thing, motherboard and all for 325 shipped. with the marquee.

You got a PM caleb.


Ahh good shit Pablo, beat me to it. Enjoy.

The issue isn’t so much that Naomi carts die like CPS2 games, there isn’t a suicide battery on the Carts or anything (although there are certain mainboard revisions that have a leaky capacitor, but that is another issue).

The problem is that most arcade cabinets have crap power supplies in them, and Naomi games can drink up a fair amount of juice, especially 3d games. So most people unknowingly(or sometimes intentionally) under/over-volt their cabs just to run the system, not realizing that they’re slowly frying their dimms.

edit: Just to be clear, I’m not trying to steer people away from the OP’s sell, thats a pretty good price. I just wanted to try and shed some light onto the more common reason behind dead carts.