WTS: Neo Geo CD Package 54 games.. Las Vegas

I needed some extra cash to fix things around the house so I have to sell my beloved Neo Geo CD…

Comes with one controller, and one Joy Stick… Power Cable/RCA cable… and 54 Games (2 of them may not work)… runs flawless otherwise… I believe it plays both Japanese and US games and slows the unrated “blood” splatter in games.

I will Post pictures tomorrow! located in Las Vegas!

NeoGeo CD special
Samurai Showdown Spirits 1994
Magical Drop
Metal Slug 1
Metal Slug 2
Iron Clad
Top Hunter
King of Fighters 98
King of Fighters 97
King of Fighters 96
King of Fighters 95
King of Fighters 94
Fatal fury 1
Fatal Fury 2
Real Bout Fatal Fury
Real Bout Fatal Fury 2
Fatal Fury 3
Samurai Showdown RPG (In Jap Only)
Samurai Showdown 3
Samurai Showdown 4
Nam 1975
World Heroes Jet 2
Art of Fighting
Art of Fighting 2
Double Dragon (movie game)
Blue’s Joruney
Sengoku 2
Burning Fight
Soccer Brawl
Super Sidekicks 3 the next glory
Magician Lord
Mutation Nation
The way of the blade
Twinkle Star sprites
Aero Fighters 2
the super spy
Crossed Swords
Crossed Swords 2
Karnov’s revenge
Cyber up
Aero Fighter 2
View Point
2020 super baseball
Zintrick puzzle
Robo Army
kubuki Klash
The last blade 2
Voltage Fighter Gowkaizer
Ninja Combat

asking 400 shipped… thanks! pm me with any questions.

nice list of games. gl with your sale

pic! plugged her in today and played some windjammers and magical drop!

I’m thinking hard about this. This is a Great deal. you listed “pucstar”. I assume you mean “Pulstar”?

Which 2 games may not work?


You’re right. There is no region protection w/ Neo Geo CD.