WTS/NeoGeo pocket

NeoGeo Pocket System $55.00 shipped includes Samsho.

pics please

Is this stuff allowed in the trading outlet? Not sure, but I remember reading in the rules something along the lines of no mod-related crap. I’m only asking cuz I was looking for a saturn modchip…

cough I mean I just wanted to give the OP a heads up.

well, I remember one the mods bought a Hdloader disc from me long time ago


Lol…Is reminded of a certain Mr.Wizard thread I hate you cow! That neogeo is tempting, But that swap magic is even more tempting. Do you have a whole ps2 you are selling? :3 My ex kicked mine and I’ve been looking into buying a new one :frowning:

hmm… neo geo pocket. I love that cardfighting game that had snk and capcom characters.

I have a fat one, and a new shell with lid on top?

Hm. How much? Im leaning towards getting my ps2 fixed in general, But if its cheaper than that I might as well just buy a new one.

how about 65 shipped w/o the shell.
price drop on NeoGeo pocket.

Bump, new price.