WTS: NES 2, SNES 2, GRADIUS bundle, PS2 games with guides and extras


Several auctions!

NOTE: use this link for a desktop web browser view if you are experiencing mobile issues:

Makai Kingdom + guide + preorder goodies http://bit.ly/S6qIpa
GRADIUS III and IV, V + history DVD http://bit.ly/S6r2Ej
Capcom Fighting Evolution + players guide http://t.co/ryiwFnst
ICO + Shadow of the Colossus http://bit.ly/S6rsuz

Mario Hoops 3-on-3 http://bit.ly/S6rAKt

NES top loader with zapper, dogbone, Duck Hunt ,Super Mario 1-3 http://bit.ly/S6rnXR
Super NES 2 with 2 controllers http://bit.ly/S6rjHy

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How much for that Gradius History DVD?


Oooh, top loader NES is tempting but I can’t do it right now, good luck selling.


GRADIUS history DVD (properly called GRADIUS: BREAKDOWN) comes with three GRADIUS games, bidding starts at 29.95


I just asked how much for the DVD. Not the games.


I haven’t decided yet.


Interested in the Makai Kingdom, that’s a great set. But I won’t be able to bid until Friday.

Good luck selling, you have some amazing stuff. :tup:


Auctions end Monday… but so far there’s no interest in that one.


Change thread title to ebay please.


cant agree more!!!