WTS NES Console with 2 controllers, zapper and games

Pulled out my old Nintendo (Bottom-Loader) and realized I need a few dollars for college books I can’t afford, so I’m going to be selling it. Works fine, just tested it on my TV, all the games work. System comes with…

2x Controllers
1x Light Gun Zapper

and the games, which don’t have the black sleeves or boxes.

Mario Bros/Duck Hunt
Adventures of Kid Riki
Dragon Warrior 1

Not looking for any extravagant price, but just PM me if you have any offers. Trades are great too!

EDIT: Ball parking my price at around $35 dollars + shipping, or we can talk.

$5 shipeed.

Just playing lol.

Good luck! Used to have one, but mines was called Famicon.

Serious offers only plz :wgrin:

Anyway, trades are also appreciated like I stated… I just want someone to get more use out of this thing that I will =P

What kind of things are you looking for in trade?

Xbox 360 games, Wii games, PS2 RPGs, PSP games… List goes on and on =P

Things I have:
Metal Gear Ac!d
Monster Hunter Freedom
Armored Core

KOF 2k2/2k3
Dino Crisis 3

Dark Cloud 2
Arc the Lad twilight of spirit
Summoner 2

And of course uber electronic works available.

Specific things I’m lookin for…

Zelda: Windwaker
Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit
Final Fantasy XII Collector Tin
FF7 Crisis Core
Mad Max DVD
Any Wii games, 360 games, or PS2 RPGs I cant think of =P

i’ve got extra black and white wireless controllers if you’re interested in that for the 360.

i’ve also got a sealed wiimote controller.

let me know.

Not really looking for any console accessories, mainly games.

Suidoken 5?

Nothin so far…

Also looking for PS1 RPGs I suppose…

NES has been sold!