WTS: nes games $5ea


**NES and Ninja Gaiden sold. 6/19
I’m selling a good condition NES and 5 games with the original psu, new 72 pin connector, 1 controller, and 12ft av cable. The 5 games are
Batman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ninja Gaiden, **Dr Mario, and Super Mario Bros 2. They’re all in great shape except for batman having someone’s name on the side. ***Everything works great and the pad feels like new. The system looks clean except for a couple smudges on the corners. $45 shipped, paypal, usps, US only. I’m willing to part out the lot too. $30 for the system and *$5 a game.



selling a like-new mayflash ps2 > gamecube adapter w the inner packaging that has the burron mapping listed. tvc’s dead so i don’t need it anymore. $9 shipped within US, paypal, usps.



batman: aa - sold



bump good photos :stuck_out_tongue:


added nes lot


Batman for the NES was awessome.


best batman game, easy. i didn’t even finish arkham cuz it was so sad by comparison. :slight_smile:


If you end up not selling as a lot, I’ll buy Batman in person next weekend in Cle.


excellent choice!


bump for price drops


pm sent


replied, still available


$ sent for NES/Ninja Gaiden!


Nes and Ninja Gaiden sold, thanks sir!


batman sold, bump for gc adapter