WTS: NEW (8) OBSF30s + (3) OBSF24s - $18 SHIPPED


Pulled from a brand new HRAP VX SA Kai today and have not been used once. Prices are shipped.

(4) Multi-colored OBSF30s + (4) White OBSF30s + (2) White OBSF24 +(1) Black OBSF24 - $18

Street Fighter IV for 360 (good condition, manual has creases) - SOLD
(1) clear, arrowed dust washer made by Arthong for LS-32 (not pictured) - SOLD
(1) New LS-32 wire harness (not pictured) - SOLD
(1) New LS-32 wire harness (not pictured) - SOLD
(1) New JLF w/white balltop - SOLD



No problem. Yes, it’s glossy. I believe Markman said they used the same type of material as the TE artwork for durability this time around. It looks great in person.


JLF sold


PM’d about OBSF buttons.


Sorry, I only ships to N.A.

*Added 2 bonus OBSF24s to the button package at no charge. That makes (8) OBSF30s and (3) OBSF24s for $20 shipped.


added bonus clear, arrowed dust washer:

That makes (8) OBSF30s and (3) OBSF24s and (1) arrowed dust washer for $20 shipped.


I even have an unused LS-32 harness I will throw in.


You won’t sell that dustwasher seperate? PM me how much you want shipped for it if you do.


If you’re willing to piece, I need the white 24s and one white 30…


Changed sale


wire harness added. dustwasher is for LS32


wire harnesses and dustwasher sold. Buttons combined into bundle


I’ll give you $5 shipped for two white OBSF 24s and one white 30.


Sorry, i don’t want to split them up and end up with an odd number of buttons that will be even harder to sell


SFIV for 360 added


SFIV sold