WTS NEW Arcade in a box Stick

Been used a few hours since I received it a few weeks ago, still in immaculate condition. I’m going to go for a Japanese layout stick so this one’s up for sale.


360 True arcade (for Xbox360, larger enclosure)
P360 optical stick
Seimitsu translucent buttons (colors match XB360 controller)

All in all, I paid $212 for this, not including shipping. I’ll do $185 shipped. Have lots of internet feedback. (audiogon.com, head-fi.org, ebay, etc…)

I should also mention that the stick has absolutely no issues with tracking and such. I know some people reportedly have issues with p360 sticks, but I’ve verified this one is perfectly fine. The spring is stiff, as is expected, however some people prefer this. Changing it out for a softer spring is easy, or alternatively you can just perform the ‘burning spring’ mod to soften it up.

Just some hair, NOT scratches.

that is a damn great deal on this stick.

is there a headset jack?

No headset jack.

im intersted but would you accept anykind of trade?

I’d be interested in trading for parts, specifically seimitsu buttons, seimitsu sticks (ls-56, ls-32), and PCB’s or hacked controllers.