WTS: New Black Custom Case (QCFGaming Styled Case)

SOLD Please read rest of post if interested in white ones. (PM me if you want those)

Hi everyone,

I got a new spray gun so I just decided to make some cases to test it out. These things took forever to paint.

I made 10 cases in total, but the one I have for sale here is a black one and the other 9 are white (which are not for sale atm since I need some shipping boxes).

Each case features:
-Several layers or primer, base coat, and clear coat for the painting process.
-MDF construction
-2 brad nails in each corner for added strength.
-Fully painted and ready for buttons

It fits 1 neutrik USB adapter in the back, 3 24mm buttons on the side (non-recessed), 8 sanwa SCREW-IN buttons, and a Sanwa JLF with flat mounting plate.

This one comes in a satin kind of finish, so it is not completely glossy. The paint job is not the best compared to some of the other cases out there, but it is still very good.

I’m looking to get $60 + shipping for this black one. (I will probably do $55 + shipping for the 9 whites ones because they have a TINY bit worst paint job).

As always, PM or post here if interested!

Thank you very much,

Here are some pictures, but my joystick is missing some parts so I couldn’t really show it.