WTS : *NEW* Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 SA Special Addition full Sanwa


New in box, just got from Amazon. Don’t need, figured I’d offer it to a SRK member for same price I got it for before setting up a lengthy return to Amazon. Asking what I paid for it, $120 shipped in the lower 48 United States.


nice, you always have your hands in the good shit. lol


Nice! Very interested in the new HRAP. I just got the EX-SE yesterday morning and debating if I should purchase the HRAP 3SA for ps3. Let me think about it!


PM sent. :slight_smile:


PM’s responded to!


Responded. I MUST HAVE THIS! lol.


would you be willing to accept trades? I’m still trying to get rid of my ps3 TE with plexi + brand new vermillion sanwa buttons.


Sorry lane man,