WTS: New Hori Wii Sticks


Brand New Hori Wii Sticks—sold-----
Brand New Joytron XboX360 converters non-PLUS version. —sold----
Brand new Freshly harvested HRAP 3 PCB. —SOLD----

Empty Hori Wii Case no Pcb or stick.—SOLD

PM me if interested. Prices include shipping to US only.
Canadian customers please email me for total cost with shipping.

I had over 45 feedback on iTrader until the beta. :sad:



The wii case have the original box?


that pcb is so tempting. hmmmm…


pmed for wii case and hrap 3 ps3 thanks


the wii case does not have it’s original box


Would you sell the HRAP3 cord separately?


Please clear your in box, trying to send you a PM with total with shipping to canada


done inbox empty again.


PM sent


Do the wii sticks require you to plug them into a Wiimote or do they plug into the Gamecube port?


Connects to Wii Remote.



It’s basically a classic controller in arcade stick form. Not the same as GC controller. Games compatible with GC only this will not work, ie Capcom vs SNK EO for GC.


Price bump.


let me know when you have more HRAP pcbs or the one listed is no longer on hold, these have JLF harness on their right?


I see the Wii shell is on hold, I’ll put my name next in line if it falls through.


Yes, this has that harness


NEXT in line for that thar pcb plz


check ur pm aggrastat