WTS: New Intel Core i7-960 3.2GHz LGA 1366 Processor

I have a i7-960 LGA 1366 processor sitting around. My computer went out from a power surge in June and fried my mother board. The store gave me a new processor but didn’t replace my motherboard due to some of the pins being bent. I didn’t have $200 to buy a new MB so I just had this thing sitting in my house for 2 months and I can’t return it now. It’s priced from about $170-200 bucks online and in stores but I’ll let it go for 150 including shipping. It’s never been opened before. The box was in my trunk for a month so it’s kind of beat up, but it’s still in the original seals.

Hit me up if you are interested:
googletalk: adonisthagod313@gmail.com





Does it come with a fan?

Yes, the fan is inside in the box.

Dang I was tempted but I’d need to get a totally new Motherboard and I don’t feel like rebuilding my PC all over again. Are you leaving the country or something, man; you’re letting go of a lot of stuff?

I have some legal issues unfortunately, and my lawyer isn’t cheap, lol

PM sent

Payment sent!

Sold! And that’s all folks!