WTS NEW Limited Edition Chun-Li Street Fighter IV Arcade Stick: Tournament Edition for PS3


PM’d ya

best offer is $140 so far. i’m going to let this go at the end of this week or to whoever offers $150 shipped. this stick to my knowledge is out of stock at madkatz and limited edition.

Is this the true Limited one or the mass run. To my knowledge this stick had two different runs.

fry’s electronics in nor cal still has some… u just have to look around…

and it is a limited run… only 2000 were made on each platform…

Thanks, I swore someone told me they were both depending on the case and the artwork on if it was limited or mass. but all the TE’s are limited to an extent.

I just bought one 3 days ago at a Fry’s here in southern california. They had 5 in stock for $130

just to add on more, Fry’s in south Phoenix has like 5 in stock, don’t know about the North location, but yeah this are out of stock almost everywhere.

Anyone do a pick up for me, I’m located in the UK though. Really want a Chun stick.

haha If anyone is willing to pick one up for me I would love you forever!!:lovin:

I for one will not thread crap or threadjack your thread . Is the stick still available? Can you post a pic?

i have one of these and i love it! also, from what i could tell, these are sold out everywhere online. this is a good deal imo.

Some of the guys did kill the thread…that’s messed up

Apologies but I thought he sold it, I swear that what happened hence me asking .,

thanks for your interest people. the stick is on hold for kingkaz, atm. the box and stick is brand spanking new. i’ll post pics tonight. i’m currently at work. i’ll keep you informed.

btw, i will only ship this thing to people within the usa.

^Thanks, so hope you don’t mind me asking earlier if anyone could help. If I find someone within the usa for you to shop to would that be OK?.

Which frys in socal???

Damn, you can never come across these Chun-Li TE’s for 360 :bluu: