WTS - New Madcatz TE fightstick + sanwa bat top adapter (LA/OC area only)


This is the link to the stick Im selling on craigslist (with pictures):
Madcatz TE Tournament Edition Fightstick Stick PS3 +

Basically I wanted to see if I could adjust to play in asian sticks from playing in happ ones … and ultimately failed. I just feel more comfortable playing in american sticks, so I just want to get some of my money back. I bought it from the madcatz store (gameshark).
If I sell it to somebody from here (srk) I will reduce the price to $100.
Some people sell it cheaper used, but Im selling it at that price because I only used it for less than 2 hours, so you are guaranteed a product without problems whatsoever.
I wont ship it or anything so I will do business locally in the Los Angeles/Orange County area. You must come and pick it up from my place.
Thank you! :woot: