WTS: New QCF Sanwa Maple 8 Button Sized Case *SOLD*


Hello everybody,

Here is a new Sanwa 8 Button Maple case.

I had an order for it, but I didn’t make it exactly to the buyers specifications on accident, so it is up for grabs.


3 24mm recessed holes on the back with beveled edges
1 24 neutrik USB adapter hole (USB neutrik only)
Lexan on top and bottom (see through glass)
8 or 6 button layout of your choice. (or custom if you can provide layout)

Holes will be predrilled (you can pick a layout) and everything should be ready to go. All you have to do on your part is sand, stain, and clear coat, or just sand and clear coat. Or maybe if you want, you could you leave it as is, but unprotected.

Small finish brad nails can be added into each corner for added strength. This is highly recommended by me!

I’m looking to get $60 + $10 shipping for a total of $70.

Anyways, here are pictures.

Thanks for looking!

That’s a one of the kind QCF case. Get it while it’s hot.