WTS: New Saturn PS2 controller, Neo Geo PS2 pads, Marvel PDP pad, plus other stuff

Shipping to continental US only.

Want to trade for:

32gb HP Touchpad, new/mint, complete

Games, complete, black label/original release:

PS2 games
-Marvel vs Capcom 2
-Capcom vs SNK 2
-Guilty Gear X

PS1 games
-Guilty Gear
-Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen

-Knights of the Old Republic
-Knights of the Old Republic 2

-Power Stone 2
-Bust-a-Move 4
-JoJos Bizarre Adventure
-Crazy Taxi 2

Serious offers only, no holding. Please only contact if you are prepared to pay.

Xbox 360 Fifa Controller, “improved D-Pad” rare - $100 shipped



New Saturn PS2 controller. - HOLD via eBay/SRK



Neo Geo PS2 pad, mint condition, complete including game - $65 shipped - HOLD


Xbox 360 MvC3 PDP Pad - new - $40 shipped



SNES Championship Joystick(s) - Have 2, brand new from 1993, champ sticks with original parts (had 3, one I opened had the older high quality happ concaves w/freeport ill switches (before honeywell bought them), which alone are very rare and awesome). I’ve also had another that had happ concaves with ultimate joystick w/cherries. So… there is no telling really. Warranty cards are stamped 1993 though, so if anything they are old school happs. - $40+ shipping each






Pictures coming for:

Ecksnine ps1 stick, JLW, sanwa OBS-30b buttons (6x), ps1 ds pad. Wiring isn’t great but it’s solid. Comes with wood and never used plexi bottom (w/feet). - $200 shipped

Joytron Smart Slim pad, new in box, looks just like picture - $25 shipped

Plantronics Voyager 855 bluetooth headset/headphones, limited use, complete with box - $35 shipped

Creative Fatal1ty headset, great condition, includes bag - $30 shipped

2x Xbox 360 charge and play cables - $ free w/other purchase

Original Zune, mint, with car charger/wall charger etc. 32gb, black, maybe 15 hours total use. Just charged up /let drain to verify still works - $55 shipped

Original TE red bezel, taken off almost immediately -** $ free w/other purchase**

Namco Box, 7/10 condition, w/plastics, only thing missing is small cardboard insert - $20 shipped, or make good trade offer etc.

Genesis Capcom Power Stick, complete with box etc. This is the white one with the ls40, not jlw. - $80 shipped

2x WD TV live (not the plus, this does not stream netflix but does just about everything else) - $ 50 each shipped will consider trades

Startech Starview 2 port KVM switch, VGA w/usb and cables - $35 shipped

idk the rarity of that thing but $200! ether way looks slick gg with sale.

To anybody looking in the Marvel pad, it is an A+ Pad. I bought it earlier this week and I enjoy it for SF and MK. Marvel, it feels okay but not great. But fuck, I want that NEOGEO Pad.

saturn ps2 is rare but it’s ultra-rare unopened.

the marvel pad is unique. it’s a blast to use. i have the all black one that i’ve been using. the neo geo pad has the same feel as the pdp but without the clicks of the switches.

$200 is very decent price for a sealed Saturn PS2 controller.
When you actually can find them on ebay, they always sell for more then $200, closer to $300.

Good luck with your sale as a fellow Neo pad and Saturn PS2 pad owner!

Oh no! Not your Saturn pad zeetes! A shame you got to sell it but I wish you the best of luck with your sales. To anyone who wants to do business with this guy but are unsure, just do it! I’ve done business with him in the past and all I can say is that it’s been a pleasure doing business with him. :tup:

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interested in the wood case

thanks guys! i have so much crap that i’ve decided to just start parting things out instead of holding onto them. it’s not like i don’t still have 6 namcos. oh and ikagi, have no fear, the new original saturn pads aren’t going anywhere =)

the ps2 saturn pads new sell for about 15k-20k yen on yahoo auctions when you can find them. i’ve only ever seen one on ebay.

mio sanity- i’ll send you a pm.

anyone wants a deal on anything, today’s the day to send me a pm with your best offers.

lowered prices on a few items.

What console is that Mas stick for?

ps1 i believe

aww I need 1 for the ps3

all u need is a ps2 to ps3 converter

That is true ibeatu, thank you sir!

updated a few prices

How much for the maple case without the control panel or top plexi? As in, just the sides and bottom and neutrik. No stick.

Give zeetes some monies! He is an awesome seller.

I plan to if he answers me.

well sir, what would i do with the top panel at that point? i’d have to say still $65. i paid more than that for just the case without the stick.

Okay then.

Good luck with selling!