WTS - new sealed marvel vs capcom 3 stick (xbox 360) + misc stick items


updated - see post #3

stuff i have for sale - it’s been collecting dust
some of these prices might be on the highside but reasonable offers will be considered
(pictures will be posted tonight).

brand new outer box sealed - madcatz marvel vs capcom 3 stick (xbox 360) - asking for $250 shipped

brand new never used gutted pelican universal real arcade stick - perfect for a stick project
i also have the circuit board and multi console cable - asking for $35 shipped

all new - asking $20 shipped
happ pushbuttons
6x black
2x black concave
3x clear/black outer rings

all new - asking $10 shipped
2x happ? arcade sticks black with bat top
one with micro switches / the other without

email javega2003@yahoo.com or pm offers (no trades please)
i only use paypal.


Interested in this, so please reply to this message when the pics are posted so I get an alert. thanks!


liquid courage did bring up an idea about piecing out my fightstick

*as soon as i get a majority commited list - i will open the outer box / dissassemble the fightstick and ship out next day. until then if someone is interested in the stick - please let me know. i would rather ship it to one location instead of multiple.

all shipped pricing

case - $115 (liquid courage 1st dibs)
pcb / usb cable - $30
turbo panel / cable - $20
8x 30mm + 2x 24mm buttons - $30
stick w ball top - $25
terminal block + button wires - $15
metal panel + plexi - $20 (r2j 1st dibs)

season’s beatings has first dibs on the happ? sticks (i’m pretty sure they are happ / if not happ style atleast)

again i will post pics tonight and make sure.


i’ll take the metal panel + plexi -$20

where do i send payment?


i know it breaks my heart because i’ve fought the urge of opening it for months, i even got a little defensive when liquid courage mentioned it… but if someone has to make a reasonable offer anywhere between $215-250 shipped keeps this masterpiece from being striped down.


ha - pretty soon these guys are gonna say mind your own business and gtfo! lol thanks for your input, i appreciate it. of course all this is pending me being able to get people to commit so… nothing has been permanently damaged yet.


here are the pics

thanks for being patient!


From my understanding, the Marvel 3 TEs were not a limited run. The stick itself might be deemed a collectors item to someone but if it’s not a limited run, wouldn’t that lower the value of the stick itself? 215-250 seems a bit high when people have sold actual limited run sticks like the Chun Li TE and the Femme Fatale sticks for 250.

Edit: and no, this is not a mind your own business or GTFO but what I feel to be a legitimate question.


well, good luck trying to find a new sealed mvc 3 fightstick for under $250… since they aren’t a limited run and you can find them “everywhere”.


I’ll let you know about the stick asap. Something came up I gotta take care of first.


Thank you for clearing that up. I didn’t know that they were actually a limited run of 5000 and I didn’t know about the seals to begin with and now I know. I was never for parting the stick out. I definitely agree that it’s better sold as a whole but I just wanted clarification on the rareness of the stick.


you guys are right, i would rather sell it and ship to one person, or dare i say it? keep dual mod and use myself.
is $250 shipped too much to ask?
how bout $225 shipped in the U.S., but that’s honestly the lowest i can go if there are any takers.


If possible, does the MVC3 TE have the sides from the Round 1 wave?


I’ll take the 2 happ sticks. Pm ur PayPal for payment. Thanks!


looks like from round 2 - they are black.


By any chance, how much would the sides be ? If you were to sell them.


happ sticks finally sent out to r2j - thanks for being patient.

everything else still available, i put the marvel vs capcom 3 stick up on ebay so check it out (it’s the only new sealed one up), but had to up the price to cover fee’s.

if you are from srk let me know and i’ll sell it cheaper outside of ebay.