WTS: New Tournament Edition Plexi: 8 button, Regular Size



Selling a Tournament Edition: Regular Size plexi I bought from arthong’s shop. I bought an 8 button and really needed a 6 button plexi. My mistake could be your win.

Again this is a BRAND NEW NEVER USED 8 button regular size plexi for the Madcatz Tournament Edition stick.

I opened the package only to check to ensure its in perfect condition and to take the photo above.

I am selling this for $21 shipped which is about $8 off the standard price. Item will be shipped via priority mail.



Ill take it for $20 even shipped if that’s fine with you pm me your paypal address if so thanks I will pm u just incase as well


If, for some reason you absolutely need to let this go for that extra dollar… I’ll take it :lol:


payment sent


I did consider being an ass and saying “f-u-pay-me-that-dollar!!” but I said fuk it and sold it to him for $20. LOL :lol:



quick question…

where could i find a 6 button plexi for a TE?


from art’s shop



LOL, I was seriously half-joking. If ibeatu had backed out for some reason I’d have taken it, but yeah I’d never steal someone’s sale for a buck :lol:

I do want one of these though. Probably just go thru Art.