Wts...nhtran case with options cheap


Untitled by hollowcruz13, on Flickr

Untitled by hollowcruz13, on Flickr

Untitled by hollowcruz13, on Flickr

Untitled by hollowcruz13, on Flickr

Untitled by hollowcruz13, on Flickr

Untitled by hollowcruz13, on Flickr

Looking to sell my nhtran aluminum case…very few made and hardly ever put up for sale and I have several options for case only which includes bottom plexi with rubber mat for grip and feet for 105 shipped

Case +jlf =$120 shipped
Case +jlf+8 sanwa buttons ( 6 screw in 2 snap in)=$135 shipped

Also have og white mesh ball $12 shipped

And 2 butteroj ball tops for $10 shipped each

All shipped priority in the CONUS via PayPal…I’ll consider all reasonable offers please no low balling

So hit me up peeps.


I think less then 30 were made. Only a few black


Bump 115 shipped…c’mon peeps…feel free to make reasonable offers…feeling a lil generous lol


I’d be all over this if I wasn’t searching for a Voltech VAS-22. Bump for a legit buyer & seller, GLWS!


Last price drop…if no one picks it up after this in the next few days I’m gonna keep it…

105 shipped


Gonna add more pics tonight to show of the case and include some buttons for a slightly additional cost…and may add more items


Probably a good idea to post more pics from different angles (sides, bottom, internally, etc.).


…created thread in a hurry…lol


is this the model with the all 4 round holes on back? or 3 round and one rectangle hole for Neutrik adaptor?


3 and hole for neutrik


You forgot to post more pics. :slight_smile:


Pics will be up tonight I’ve just been busy with work


If only it were easier to make a 4 button plexi


Shep @foehammer made the six button plexi i have but it has slaycruz etched on it


Updated with new pics and options hit me up yo


Bump…case only 95 shipped

Case+jlf = $110

Feel free to make offers…I’m feeling generous lol


What’s the weight of the case by itself (with bottom plexi) with no buttons & JLF? Must…resist…


Lol…case weighs 5lbs no jlf no buttons…


You know you want it. Lol :slight_smile:


Thanks, how are the rubber feet held in place?..Just a sticky residue or screwed in-place?

I do but still trying to actively look for a VAS-22 first.